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Everything you need to know (from an admittedly biased source)

Why choose AccountEdge?

Why should you use AccountEdge? It depends. You could be a manufacturer who needs sophisticated inventory management, an attorney who needs to track retainers and wants integrated payroll, or simply a sole proprietor looking to organize your finances. Rather than make claims about how great AccountEdge is, we invite you to make an informed choice for yourself.

Look through our site to read feature and cost comparisons, learn how to switch to AccountEdge, and get advice on how to work with your accountant (and how to get them a free copy of AccountEdge for Windows so you can send them your company file). Download the free trial and make the best decision for your business. After all, this relationship only works if we're the right fit for your needs. We hope we are.

"AccountEdge has great features. Take advantage. Improve your chart-of-accounts (which drives your reports). Improve your job codes, inventory items, items, financial statement categories... Often I find that starting clean in AccountEdge is the best choice of all."

Art Troast, CPA - Troast Consulting, New York City, NY

"AccountEdge Mobile has been an awesome addition to our workflow. We transitioned from using QuickBooks and paper work orders and now we are faster in our quote creation and more accurate when invoicing. As a bonus, our customers are impressed and even more confident in our service and professionalism."

Jesse Tallman - Coyote Gasket, Phoenix, AZ

Why switch to AccountEdge?

Simple. QuickBooks for Mac still lacks important features that are available in AccountEdge:

Key Features AccountEdge for Mac QuickBooks for Mac
Integrated payroll Yes Online subscription only
$25/month and $2/employee
Multi user network ready Yes Yes
Multiple inventory price levels, quantity
price breaks and item assembly
Yes No
iPad/iPhone companion app Yes No
Retainers and escrow accounts Yes No
Departmental accounting Yes No
Product variations Yes No
Multi currency Yes No

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Cost Comparison Showdown

Most business owners plan on having their business for over 5 years. If you’re one of them, then consider this when researching your accounting software options: Over the course of five years, the cost of operating AccountEdge is much less than the cost of operating QuickBooks for Mac. The savings is over $3000 by the end of the five years, making AccountEdge a far more cost effective option.

Cost Comparison1 AccountEdge for Mac QuickBooks for Mac
Initial purchase price $399 $249.95
Payroll Tax Service + Support (5 yrs) $1495 ($299/year) n/a
Support Plan (5 yrs) n/a $1499.75 ($299.95/year)
Payroll Plan (5 yrs) n/a $1500 ($25/month)
Annual product upgrades (4 yrs) Included with Payroll + Support Plan $1249.75 ($249.95/year)
Total 5-year cost $1894 $4499.45

$100 rebate

Are you already a QuickBooks user, looking to switch to AccountEdge? If the feature and cost comparisons don't convince you, how about the $100 rebate? Buy AccountEdge today and you can take advantage of our $100 QuickBooks rebate.

We love the Mac

This one may seem a little touchy-feely, but we love the Mac. We’ve been happily developing Mac accounting software since 1989 and it’s core to what we do and who we are. Like you, we use and develop for Macs because we want to.

1 QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. Terms, conditions, features, support pricing and service options are subject to change without notice. Comparison based on the total cost over a five year period with one employee, inclusive of annual updates and payroll. Assumes enrollment in the AccountEdge Payroll Tax Service + Support Plan and Intuit Online Payroll Plus. Pricing confirmed on 11/17/2010.

How do I switch from QuickBooks to AccountEdge?

You may have decided to switch your small business accounting from QuickBooks to AccountEdge. What next? What do you need to know? We've got the answers you are looking for.

Can I convert my old QuickBooks data?

Many switchers choose to start their AccountEdge file from scratch, excited by the opportunity to move forward with a clean slate. But, if you wish to convert some of your QuickBooks data, you have two options. Both options will convert your customers, vendors, employees, personal contacts, items list, and your account list and balances. The first option is easy, but is a service through one of our trusted Certified Consultants and it carries with it an additional fee. The second option is DIY, but not quite as easy. In the interest of setting expectations, we're going to go as far as calling it "difficult."

Conversion Service

Because the do-it-yourself process is difficult, our recommendation is to have your data converted by a professional. One of our Certified Consultants specializes in the nuances of converting QuickBooks data into an AccountEdge company file. You can request pricing and sign up for the service here.

Do It Yourself Conversion Guide Free

If you want to convert your QuickBooks data to AccountEdge, and you want to do it yourself, we offer a QuickBooks Conversion Guide that will help step you through the process.

What do I need to know in order to do it myself? You should be familiar with the concept of import/export functionality and have an ample supply of patience.

How does this conversion guide work? The conversion guide uses generic import/export functionality. Basically, you send information from reports in QuickBooks to Excel, modify these reports, and then import the files into AccountEdge.

We do not recommend this process be undertaken by anyone who does not know how data import/export procedures work. Also, important to note that our call center staff is not trained to support this document. Simply put: you're on your own.

Why is this not more simple? The two applications have different underlying databases, and so it is difficult to export your company information in the right format without a little finessing; sometimes a lot of finessing. There are often tricky exceptions due to the database differences.

If I don’t want to use the guide, how can I see what information can be imported into Accountedge? Download a trial version. You can explore the sample company file which has tons of information already entered so you can test it out. To see what information can be imported/exported, go to the file menu and choose Import Data and Export Data.

What switches over if I use the conversion guide? The conversion guide will help you take your customers, vendors, employees, personal contacts, items list, and your accounts list and balances. Transaction/historical data will not come over.

What if I want to convert my historical transactions?

You can't. The difference between the products makes converting transactional data not possible. All is not lost, however. Most of our customers who have switched from another accounting package use the 'file cabinet' method. This means they keep their old accounting application on their computer, and if they need to refer to historical data, they use their old app like a filing cabinet. Many find that they never actually open it.