• Section: AccountEdge Basic
  • Last updated: May 31, 2019, 3:48 p.m.

AccountEdge Pro to AccountEdge Basic Export

AccountEdge Basic does not have the ability to upgrade data files from previous versions of MYOB/AccountEdge Pro. That being said - there is certain information that can be exported from AccountEdge Pro and imported in to AccountEdge Basic.


Account Information, Budgets.


When exporting from AccountEdge Pro to AccountEdge Basic (FirstEdge), there are limited fields available due to the fact that AEB doesn't track inventory.

The only fields that you would want to export from AEP would be (fields marked with * are required):

  • Item # *
  • Item Name
  • Income Account *
  • Item Picture
  • Description
  • Use description on sale
  • Custom List 1
  • Custom List 2
  • Custom List 3
  • Selling Price
  • Sell Unit Measure
  • Tax When Sold
  • Inactive Item
  • Jobs: There is a limited number of fields that you can import into AEB when exporting jobs from AEP. The fields you need to export from AEP are (fields marked with * are required
  • Job Number *
  • Job Name
  • Description
  • Linked Customer
  • Inactive Job


When exporting cards, you can export customer, employee, vendor, and personal cards. When exporting any type of card, do NOT export the Record ID or the Card ID. This will cause problems when importing back into AEB. (You can still match all and just deselect Record ID and Card ID.)


When importing service sales, or any sales, you can't just match all in AEP. There are only certain fields you need to export from AEP. Those fields are (fields marked with * are required):

  • Co./Last Name
  • First Name
  • Addr 1 - Line 1
  • Line 2
  • Line 3
  • Line 4
  • Invoice #
  • Date
  • Customer PO
  • Ship Via
  • Delivery Status
  • Description
  • Account # *
  • Amount *
  • Job
  • Comment
  • Journal Memo
  • Promised Date
  • Tax Code
  • Tax Amount
  • Freight Amount
  • Tax on Freight
  • Freight Tax Amount
  • Sale Status
  • Terms - Payment is Due
  • Balance Due Days
  • Amount Paid
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Notes
  • Name on Card
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Address (AVS)
  • Zip (AVS)
  • Credit Card Swiped
  • Authorization Code
  • Check Number
  • Card Verification (CVV2) Used

Spend Money

You can export Spend Money transactions from AEP and import Spend Money transactions into AEB. You could match-all, but then deselect the Record IDs and the Card IDs, and Currency Code and Exchange Rate if using multi-currency.

Receive Money

You can match-all here when exporting from AEP. After matching-all you will deselect Record IDs and Card IDs, and Currency Code, and Exchange Rate, if in use. Going into AEB, you should be able to match-all, and they will all match correctly.

* General Journal Entries: When exporting from AEP, you can match-all and then deselect exchange rate and currency code. When importing them into AEB, you can match-all.