• Section: COVID-19
  • Last updated: Jan. 20, 2021, 5:25 p.m.

Refile W-2 Form


For employees with COVID Wages whose W-2's were filed through the Aatrix Form Viewer, Box 4 was incorrectly reporting the Social Security withheld.

If you have already processed W-2's thru the Aatrix Form Viewer AND you have employees who have COVID Wages in 2020, you will need to file a corrected W-2. You can do this using the Aatrix Form Viewer.

To refile a W-2 form:


  1. Within AccountEdge, select Prepare Payroll Tax Forms from the Payroll module.
  2. In the bottom left-hand corner, select Saved.
  3. Select your W-2 form and click Edit.
  4. The History File Options dialog box will appear. You can choose to reprint, correct or file additional copies of your forms.


  1. Within AccountEdge, select Prepare Payroll Tax Froms from the Payroll module.
  2. Select the W-2/W-3 from and click Display.
  3. Advance through the setup prompts.
  4. Once the form is displayed, go to Window > Archival History from the menu bar. This will show a list of all previously printed or eFiled payroll forms.
  5. Select your W-2 form.
  6. From here, you can click View to review a read-only copy, or Edit to correct the W-2.