Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for useful payroll and reference information. During this time, when many companies are forced to telework, AccountEdge Hosted may be a good option. Host your company file to be accessed remotely from any device, for as long as you need. You can go back to your regular setup when you no longer need remote accessibility. If you’d like to discuss that or any other teleworking solution with a product specialist, please call 800.322.6962. Be safe.

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AccountEdge is powerful, yet affordable, desktop accounting software for your law firm

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What’s the best part of representing your clients? Probably advocating on their behalf and, hopefully, leaving them with smiling faces at the end of the process. What’s probably not the best part? Dealing with all the paperwork in running the ‘business’ side, aka doing your accounting.

You know you have to do it, you dread it, fear it, even ignore it. And that’s fine, unless you want to track your client billings, bring on a partner, manage expenses, or see your current financial statements.

Every transaction is an accounting event. Processing time sheets, tracking retainers, running reports, and invoicing clients. With solid, professional legal billing and accounting software, you control your destiny and own your financial data.

AccountEdge offers full-featured legal billing and accounting software, on the Windows desktop. No monthly subscription required. You own your software and your critical financial data. We offer annual upgrades at a discounted price, but it’s always your choice if you want to upgrade. Compare our cost of ownership over time to that of our competitors, and you’ll see why we’re proud of helping you “spend hundreds not thousands.”

And while we’re committed to desktop software, we recognize there may be times you need to perform key accounting functions remotely. That’s where our optional cloud app, AccountEdge Connect can help. Employees can track time worked on jobs with both billable and non-billable activity slips, from any web-enabled device, without giving access to AccountEdge.

Why Choose AccountEdge?

Legal Billing

Enter a timesheet to keep track of billable and non-billable time and services for your clients. Easily convert un-billed activity slips and timesheets to an invoice or statement with a click of a button and send to your client. Manage custom billing rates by activity, employee, or client.

Track Client Funds

Keep track of retainer, escrow, and trust accounts seamlessly. As you process transactions for your clients, the remaining balance of the account is updated automatically. Set minimum balance amounts, request replenishments, and pay bills on behalf of your client.

Accept Payments Online

Make it easy for your clients to pay their bills online using a credit card with Web Pay. Email invoices or statements with a pay now link to your own customized secure payment page that allows them to view and pay their open invoices.

Statement Billing

Use statements to bill your clients for multiple invoices at once. Send customized statements to your clients by print or email, showing as much or as little detail as needed.

Document Management

Keep important information together by attaching documents, such as contracts or court documents, to client, vendor and employee contact cards, or to individual transactions.

Manage Your Clients

Track your clients’ contact information, including up to five addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other details. Attach representation agreements to a contact card and set reminders to contact someone on a specific date.

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