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What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

Sales Tax Code Per Line Item

Choose a unique sales tax code per line item on a sale or purchase transaction. For example, you may sell items that require different tax codes on the same sales invoice. Include all those items on the same transaction without having to create separate sales.

Open Recent Company Files

If you have more than one Company File, switching between them is now easier and faster. Open a different company while in an existing file or from the Welcome window by selecting Recents under the File menu in AccountEdge, then select from the 10 most recent Company Files. Company Files will be listed by their file name.

Allow Text as a Check Number

We’ve made it easier to record ATM, Venmo, PayPal or other direct withdrawals from your banking accounts. Now you can use letters in the Check # field instead of numbers. For example, if you use your ATM card to make withdrawals, when you record those transactions in the Spend Money window you can use “ATM” as the Check #. Any text entered will not be checked for duplicates making repeated transactions easier to record.

Making Copies

When copying an invoice we’ll pre-populate the default customer name onto the new sales transaction. When copying a bill we’ll pre-populate the default vendor name onto the new purchase transaction.

1099 Enhancements with Aatrix

Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation, has been added for reporting independent contractor payments. eFile or Print your 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC through the Forms Viewer.

To Do List Changes

  • In the A/P To Do List window, selecting multiple bills to pay will display the total amount being paid.
  • In the Expiring Discounts window, selecting multiple transactions will display the total amount being paid.
  • Select the specific banking account to pay from.

64-bit Windows

AccountEdge for Windows now supports the 64-bit architecture, including support for 64-bit versions of MS Office and Outlook.

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